FFA Scholarship Endorsement

America’s Farmers Grow Ag Leaders Scholarships, presented by Monsanto Fund

Thank you for your interest in endorsing a student for the America’s Farmers Grow Ag Leaders scholarships.

Monsanto Company is a Platinum Sponsor of the National FFA Foundation and is proud to introduce this new America’s Farmers Grow Ag Leaders Program to continue to encourage the next generation of rural youth to remain engaged in long-term careers in agriculture.

Monsanto Farmer Endorsement Disclaimer
Your information may be used for contact purposes by the National FFA Organization, National FFA Foundation, Monsanto Company, Monsanto Fund or any of their agencies. If a student you endorsed receives a scholarship, you hereby give full consent that your image or likeness may be used by the Monsanto Fund or Monsanto Company, or related companies, affiliates, agents, successors or assigns (together, the “Monsanto Fund”) along with your name, hometown and comments in perpetuity in promotional materials, social media channels and/or on Monsanto Fund-related websites for the purpose of promoting the America’s Farmers Grow Ag Leaders program without further permission or any claim to compensation, and you waive any right of review or inspection. You agree that the Monsanto Fund may make slight stylistic modifications to your comments, which do not alter the original meaning. You hereby release the Monsanto Fund from any and all claims for libel, copyright, invasion of privacy or rights of publicity pertaining to any such use. All images taken by Monsanto Fund are the property of the Monsanto Fund and/or its agent(s). For more information, visit the Monsanto and/or the National FFA Organization websites to view privacy policies (Monsanto Privacy Policy and the National FFA Privacy Policy).
Eligibility: To qualify as a “farmer” and submit a recommendation, an individual must be:
  • At least 21 years old
  • Actively engaged in farming; A farmer is “Actively engaged in farming” if he or she performs farming work or hires and actively manages others who do so
  • Live or farm in an eligible county (see County list or visit GrowAgLeaders.com for complete list)
Please only click the submit button once when completing your endorsements.
* Maximum of three endorsements per each farmer, please.
I am 21 or older and eligible to participate in America’s Farmers Grow Ag Leaders scholarships. I agree to comply with its terms and conditions,
Student Application ID Number
Endorsements must be completed and submitted by 5 p.m.* EST on Feb 13.
(*Technical support not available after 5 p.m. EST)